Window Seat Wednesday

Such the lazy blogger am I; I’ve had half a dozen Window Seat Wednesday posts queued up for you and not gotten around to finalizing and posting them. But maybe a new month means a new leaf? Maybe I can get those Photo of the Day posts done too?June is also the month that partner … Continue reading

The Olive and the Etsuko

I know it has been rather uneventful around the OE this weekend, my apologies, but I’ve had my hands full. I was dog sitting for the sweet Olive and it didn’t go over quite as smoothly as hoped. It turns out Etsuko is not a dog person. These were the two looks I got all … Continue reading

The Doll Mercantile

During our brief summer heat wave this past week MCM and I took a little trip north to Petamula to hit up a few vintage and thrift stores, see a bit of the countryside, and just plain get out of town. The place MCM was hoping to take me to, where she had scored a … Continue reading

Take Ivy

I had a post all set to share with you today, filled with brick and ivy, textbooks and college sweatshirts and plaid skirts. The Bay Area has been bemoaning the fact that we skipped summer this year and have been stuck in an early, seemingly perpetual, 67 degree fall. Leaves are turning on the trees … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Photographs by Barbara Crane from the book ‘Private Views‘. These just feel like summer, which we aren’t really having weather-wise here in the bay right now.

Bear Arms

A camping trip may finally on the horizon; I have already sourced a sleeping bag, and a date is almost set.  I don’t expect to run into any bears out there but if I do I hope they are like Steph Walkers’ bears.  She must like them as much as a certain friend of mine does, … Continue reading

Oakland Art Murmur – July

Last month I did First Friday solo, this month I had the good fortune to check out the scene with MCM, BG, and Charlie. First stop was the ATM because cash=food; green curry tamale, garlic noodles, Jamaican beans, rice and veggies, and of course, cheap beer. But art is why we were there, so on … Continue reading

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