A friend stopped by today to retrieve a long over due borrowed item (okay, several items) and remarked how good TOA smelled. This afternoon was a granola afternoon. Since I figured out how to properly make my own granola it has become a monthly ritual to make up a batch, which is always so good … Continue reading


Come summertime one of my favorite things to make a ton of, and then live off of for the next week, is gazpacho. My dad used to make this when I was little and I apparently didn’t quite understand what the older folks were saying and came to believe that what my dad was making … Continue reading

Crispy Marshmallow Treats

Plans for the barbecue this Sunday are progressing nicely. On the menu will be my ace-in-the-hole version of rice crispy treats that I found over at Smitten Kitchen. For my first six months in Oakland I lived in that other TOA, the one that was in even worse shape than my lovely new TOA. It … Continue reading

Tempura Fries

In thinking about the barbecue I’ve had to think about dishes to make for everyone and which of my reliable standbys to break out. I’m known for being a good cook but I think that’s a bit erroneous; I’ve just lucked out on a few recipes that people have responded favorably to. I would like … Continue reading

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