Oakland Art Murmur – September

I promised I would be back for the Art Murmur this month so here I am. Joining me as usual was MCM, as well as her art school buddy, and our good friend Al. I made my way to our meet up spot at Mama Buzz Cafe to start our night off with $2.00 PBR’s. … Continue reading

Thief and Bandit

Thief and Bandit make some colorful and wild and wonderful things. At first glance you might have the thought, ‘Hey, I could do that!’ but all their fabric is hand printed and the color combinations are just lovely and spot on. Can you  resist a double-duty headband/necklace combo? Or a t-shirt with a knife print … Continue reading

Erie Basin

Someone made the comment the other day, after I remarked on the lovely and elegant engagement ring B received from D that had belonged to D’s (very much alive) mother, that I’m the type of girl who likes dead people’s jewelry. Ha, okay – yes – but I think there is a nicer way to put … Continue reading


photos 1-3: Modified Scenes from my Childhood series. Artwork by Morgan Blair. photo 4: Triangle necklace. photo 5: Laura Lombardi’s beautiful jewelry. photo 6: Necklace from Little O by Wolfbrother. photos 7-9: Work by Kevin Appel. Gouache, pencil, and collage on archival pigment print. photo 10: Lovely tea towels from Bookhou. photo 11: Possibly the … Continue reading

Oakland Art Murmur – July

Last month I did First Friday solo, this month I had the good fortune to check out the scene with MCM, BG, and Charlie. First stop was the ATM because cash=food; green curry tamale, garlic noodles, Jamaican beans, rice and veggies, and of course, cheap beer. But art is why we were there, so on … Continue reading

For Me, For You

For Me, For You is a new blog I have just stumbled over out there on the interweb. For Me, For You is put out by Kate Miss, a girl who likes baby blue nail polish, cool glasses, has a cat Wendy with issues who is probably still a luv anyway, takes beautiful photographs, and … Continue reading

Isosceles, Equilateral, Scalene

Spinthread Danielle Vroemen Gareth Pugh Tracciamenti Sabine Finkenauer

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