Triple Play

Check out any of these documentaries, ‘Visual Acoustics’ about photographer Julius Shulman, ‘Herb and Dorothy’ about the art collecting Vogels, and ‘How to Draw a Bunny’ about artist Ray Johnson. A great way to wrap up a long day. Advertisements

Temescal Farmers’ Market

Today is Sunday which means it’s the Temescal Farmers’ Market. I usually work on Sundays so MCM and I have to head over to the market early, shop quickly, and then straight on down to work. Today however I have off so I spent some extra time and took a few photographs. Happy Boy for … Continue reading

Are you my type?

I love words. I love words singularly and I love words strung together into beautiful sentences, paragraphs, and pages. I love their sound, their feel as you say them, and their look. I read voraciously and have a bit of an issue with acquiring books. When I was little I wanted to be the person … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Malwine Rafalski – The Project Constanta

Have Mercy!

There is one major drawback to the clothing challenge MCM and I are doing and that is there are many little local businesses who I will not be able to support over the next year. In some cases these are business owners who I have come to know personally and for whom I hope the … Continue reading

Covet: Chevalier-Masson

Chevalier-Masson is a collaborative effort between Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier, creating everything from socks, lovely scarves, and chairs. There is a sense of youthful whimsy in much of their work. They have designed a hollow braid rope with two mobile hooks inside that can be slid to differing points along the length of the … Continue reading

Tempura Fries

In thinking about the barbecue I’ve had to think about dishes to make for everyone and which of my reliable standbys to break out. I’m known for being a good cook but I think that’s a bit erroneous; I’ve just lucked out on a few recipes that people have responded favorably to. I would like … Continue reading

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