Window Seat Wednesday

Happy April Window Seat Wednesday, it’s Spring! Thinking about beaches and bougainvillea and getting out of town for the day. Obasan and SMB are in town for a bit so a little tribute to Florida was in order. Lucha Libre masks in Mexico City; Etsuko in Mexico, let’s go! After the woman at the Trevi Fountain and this … Continue reading

Pottery and Plates

Small blue bowl from Pickle Thrift and acorn pot from The Discovery Store. Rad Rio souvenir plate from Pickle Thrift. I can see that these are going to be a problem for me as I just can’t resist them. Danish Selandia dish set by Desiree from Dress Best for Less and large vase from Pickle … Continue reading

The Olive and the Etsuko

I know it has been rather uneventful around the OE this weekend, my apologies, but I’ve had my hands full. I was dog sitting for the sweet Olive and it didn’t go over quite as smoothly as hoped. It turns out Etsuko is not a dog person. These were the two looks I got all … Continue reading

Gorgeous George

I have two local pet stores that I love to go to, Paws on Piedmont, where everyone is so sweet and which is by TOA, and George on 4th Street in Berkeley, which is close to work. George recently moved off of 4th Street proper and has a new location that is a little harder … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Miss E.

Please don’t think me a horrible cat lady but this little blog is named after her, so today, of all days, she’s got to get a little attention. Now the OE is not even sixth months going but the other Oakland Etsuko, the furry one, turns two years old today. Sometimes know as Miss E., … Continue reading

Oakland Art Murmur – July

Last month I did First Friday solo, this month I had the good fortune to check out the scene with MCM, BG, and Charlie. First stop was the ATM because cash=food; green curry tamale, garlic noodles, Jamaican beans, rice and veggies, and of course, cheap beer. But art is why we were there, so on … Continue reading

Cone Head

Some one had to go to the vet this past week and because we do not always do what is in our best interest, or listen to those with more wisdom than we have, the cone has been put into effect. Estuko has successfully learned how to covey distain with a single look and is … Continue reading

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