Photo of the Day

Shizenkan series by Emily Shur. I would be more than happy to hang prints of any of these photographs in TOA (I missed my chance on ‘Rikugien Garden, Tokyo‘); nicely ‘Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo’ (the last photo pictured) is available from 20×200 and will benefit relief efforts in Japan. From the artist: Shizenkan … Continue reading

Thrifty Thursday

Don’t think that my silence on the subject of thrifting means I haven’t been doing any because that would be egregiously incorrect. I found this nice pear shaped vase at Dress Best for Less, but at $15 way too much for what it was. A month later at half off? Yes! For the moment it … Continue reading

Dia de los Muertos

So another showing at Victorian Rat has come and gone, along with the month of October. Dia de los Muertos featured some old OE favorites as well as some new loves. I have been a fan of Randy Noborikawa and his lenticular paintings (check out the security cameras at the bottom of the page, a … Continue reading

Heath at Home

Back when Pops and J were in town we took a nice little day trip up to Marin and spent the morning in Sausalito. My primary goal was a visit to the Heath Ceramics shop to check out what deals could be had from their seconds and samples. Unfortunately the tours are only given on … Continue reading

Pottery and Plates

Small blue bowl from Pickle Thrift and acorn pot from The Discovery Store. Rad Rio souvenir plate from Pickle Thrift. I can see that these are going to be a problem for me as I just can’t resist them. Danish Selandia dish set by Desiree from Dress Best for Less and large vase from Pickle … Continue reading

The Olive and the Etsuko

I know it has been rather uneventful around the OE this weekend, my apologies, but I’ve had my hands full. I was dog sitting for the sweet Olive and it didn’t go over quite as smoothly as hoped. It turns out Etsuko is not a dog person. These were the two looks I got all … Continue reading

The Doll Mercantile

During our brief summer heat wave this past week MCM and I took a little trip north to Petamula to hit up a few vintage and thrift stores, see a bit of the countryside, and just plain get out of town. The place MCM was hoping to take me to, where she had scored a … Continue reading

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