Window Seat Wednesday

Such the lazy blogger am I; I’ve had half a dozen Window Seat Wednesday posts queued up for you and not gotten around to finalizing and posting them. But maybe a new month means a new leaf? Maybe I can get those Photo of the Day posts done too?June is also the month that partner in crime MCM is off on her European Adventure so I plan on assuaging my loneliness with extra time at the computer. I will be taking over her Friday posts at Flight 001 Window Seat; this week will most likely be me channeling that MCM style while future weeks will be peppered with shots from her trip. Dispatches from the field so to speak.

Mekong River, Vietnam. When I think of Vietnam I think green and white.

Chucks, Wayfarers, and lots of sand in Carmel, California. When is the sun coming back out? When will a.c.e. get that darn car fixed?

I have been looking for a good Mount Rushmore photo forever (my love of ‘North by Northwest’ runs deep) and finally found one while looking for something else completely. Isn’t that always the way?

Thimphu, Bhutan. Bhutan was one of those places that I knew nothing about before starting at Window Seat and while not all I have found is Window Seat appropriate it’s very cool to learn about a culture. I love having a better (although still cursory) understanding of the globe and all the places on it, love being able to connect the dots when a place is mentioned. This photo feels like its from the very top of the world.

O’ahu, Hawaii. I recently was contacted by an old family friend who I haven’t seen in years. Turns out he now lives in Hawaii. I need to find a way to wrangle an invite soon because the above looks a little like heaven right now.

I always try to give a little love to those parts of the globe that seem to be overlooked (Paris and Barcelona could do with a break maybe) and realized that dear Mongolia had been slighted up until now. I was hoping for a good horse riding photo and will still be on the lookout but I though this was pretty breath-taking. Maybe Mongolia will get a little more respect now.


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