Window Seat Wednesday

Window Seat Wednesday One of my guilty pleasures this past December, while working on all my crafty gifts, was to watch (so) bad (it’s good) British television online. I have developed a real fondness for Molly, Golly, Lexie, Donald, and Duncan from, ahem, Monarch of the Glen. So this is a little Glasgovian tribute to … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

All images Gérald Verdon Photography. Reno, Nevada, 2010. More –>

Window Seat Wednesday

My first day helming Window Seat (start here and the following nine are mine) has begun but as that blog is strictly visual I don’t have the opportunity to get into why I’m currently drawn to those images and places featured. So I’ll do that here! Since a.c.e. is still set on fleeing to Mexico … Continue reading


I work in retail so in the month of December I basically spend my time sleeping and working, with snack time wedged in occasionally (hence the dire state of this blog.) I have decided to add just one more thing into the mix because, well, I may be certifiable. I will be, not quite  guest … Continue reading

Heath at Home

Back when Pops and J were in town we took a nice little day trip up to Marin and spent the morning in Sausalito. My primary goal was a visit to the Heath Ceramics shop to check out what deals could be had from their seconds and samples. Unfortunately the tours are only given on … Continue reading

San Francisco Day Trip

On Thursday I thought I would head into the city early, before the Alex Kanevsky show, to hit up a cute little shop I’ve been seeing online and wanted to check out in person. The General Store (more on that later) is deep in the Sunset and it was pleasantly warm and sunny. Back downtown … Continue reading

Sneak Peek – goodies for the Bazaar this weekend (via Heath Ceramics)

Pops, J, and I stopped into the Sausalito shop today and I picked up a bunch of good stuff. It looks like I got the last orange bud vase they had. They were all out of those amazing key chains, hopefully those will become available again. There were far too many wonderful items to choose … Continue reading

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