Thrifty Thursday

Don’t think that my silence on the subject of thrifting means I haven’t been doing any because that would be egregiously incorrect. I found this nice pear shaped vase at Dress Best for Less, but at $15 way too much for what it was. A month later at half off? Yes! For the moment it … Continue reading

Off to Bedfordshire

When I first moved into TOA I acquired a very, very nice mattress that was a little larger than my previous full-sized one and had no bed frame to accommodate it. Some of you may have enjoyed laughing at me for the several months in which I had a giant mattress propped up in the … Continue reading

Pickle Thrift: May Edition

Beautiful skies after several days of grey and rain made me itch to get out a bit; I’m planning the first barbecue of the season and what will essentially be my house warming party so supplies needed to be acquired. Not things like charcoal, ice, or chips but things like tablecloths and dishes, you know, … Continue reading

Kusari Doi

At the DWR garden event J.C. Miller of Miller Studios talked about modern garden design and showed some slides from an Eichler house he had worked on. Someone in the audience asked “Is that a rain chain?” I had never heard of a rain chain and had no idea what they were all talking about. Now … Continue reading


Obasan sent along some sweet little framed items to help with the bare wall situation. Unfortunately the gray on the mats is not the “right” gray for the LR or BR so they may have to wait until the hallway gets a coat of clean white to go up. But the pieces are double matted, … Continue reading


I have received a brand new set of West Elm organic cotton towels from Obasan (regifted from JB) for the new bathroom. These are the first new towels I’ve had since I moved to the Bay Area almost 6 years ago and the first full set since college. Etsuko approved!

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