Photo of the Day

Shizenkan series by Emily Shur. I would be more than happy to hang prints of any of these photographs in TOA (I missed my chance on ‘Rikugien Garden, Tokyo‘); nicely ‘Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo’ (the last photo pictured) is available from 20×200 and will benefit relief efforts in Japan. From the artist: Shizenkan … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

This week Window Seat Wednesday was again dictated very much by texture and color (one of my favorites, terra cotta, makes an African appearance.)  Also this week, from now on posters are receiving credit for their days, so you can see who is behind the choices. Note to Muffy n’ Babs, you better get supporting Wednesdays! … Continue reading

Raffle for Akio’s community, please buy a ticket. (via Heath Ceramics)

I have been seeing Akio Nukaga’s work online for awhile now and was quite jealous that I could not be in LA to attend his event tonight at Heath Ceramics. He makes some very elegant pottery that reminds me a bit of something you might find washed up along the shore while hunting for sea-glass. … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

I am trying to plan a little trip to France this June with a.c.e and MCM; I have a friend Serge who has a little apartment for rent in Paris. Do you think it has a view like this? Even if not I’m sure to find plenty of cafes to noodle away some time avec … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Window Seat Wednesday One of my guilty pleasures this past December, while working on all my crafty gifts, was to watch (so) bad (it’s good) British television online. I have developed a real fondness for Molly, Golly, Lexie, Donald, and Duncan from, ahem, Monarch of the Glen. So this is a little Glasgovian tribute to … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

  Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is another destination very high on my list of places to hopefully see one day soon. Bustling streets, tempting street food, ao dai, and some faded French veneer. No disrespect to Father Ho but I’ll probably just keep on saying Saigon, quietly, to myself. Havana; as someone said, … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Welcome back to Window Seat Wednesday! Maybe if I have a slightly more structured posting schedule I won’t be so remiss in my blog upkeep so let’s try to make this a regular feature (if you approve!) One of my favorite daily blog reads is bigBANG Studio; artist Lily Stockman and her husband are currently spending … Continue reading

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