Take Ivy

I had a post all set to share with you today, filled with brick and ivy, textbooks and college sweatshirts and plaid skirts. The Bay Area has been bemoaning the fact that we skipped summer this year and have been stuck in an early, seemingly perpetual, 67 degree fall. Leaves are turning on the trees and dropping, filling up the curbs. College kids are flooding Berkeley, heading back to school.

So we tried to come to grips with this sad fact. Started thinking about fall and what we most enjoy about that season. New England girl at heart that I am I can often take a decidedly preppy stance for this time of year (plaid skirts, knee high socks, and oxfords, yes!) A recent reissue of the cult classic ‘Take Ivy’, originally put out in Japanese as a handbook on ‘trad’ style for that country, has been bringing back many Harvard and Dartmouth and Hanover, N.H. memories*.

But it’s going to hit 95 degrees today. Out of the blue summer has finally arrived. So when 3 o’clock hits, and the heat has completely humbled us, and all you want to do is crumple into an air-conditioned, ice cream and lemonade soaked, immobile heap, think back to these photos and try to conjure up a crisp fall snap in the air. That’s what I’ll be doing. Oh, and if any of you have the phone number for #15 let me know. He can carry my books any day.

*I don’t wish to mistakingly give the impression that I attended any of these schools. I’ve just lived near several of them.

All photographs via The Trad.

4 Responses to “Take Ivy”
  1. Jerry Smith says:

    Did you notice the picture of your grandfather’s sign on main street?

  2. Ben says:

    I just ordered this book in after I (just happened to) read about it in the fashion section of the NYT! Pretty sure I should’ve been one of those young men. Also, MY grandfather’s name is on a sign in Hanover; actually, Wheelock is all over that damn town. All the way back to Eleazer Wheelock. Don’t know why I didn’t pursue my birthright there. Anyhow, I’m pleased to see Wheelock on both a bookstore AND a street sign.

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