Window Seat Wednesday

Happy April Window Seat Wednesday, it’s Spring! Thinking about beaches and bougainvillea and getting out of town for the day. Obasan and SMB are in town for a bit so a little tribute to Florida was in order. Lucha Libre masks in Mexico City; Etsuko in Mexico, let’s go! After the woman at the Trevi Fountain and this … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

My first day helming Window Seat (start here and the following nine are mine) has begun but as that blog is strictly visual I don’t have the opportunity to get into why I’m currently drawn to those images and places featured. So I’ll do that here! Since a.c.e. is still set on fleeing to Mexico … Continue reading


I work in retail so in the month of December I basically spend my time sleeping and working, with snack time wedged in occasionally (hence the dire state of this blog.) I have decided to add just one more thing into the mix because, well, I may be certifiable. I will be, not quite  guest … Continue reading


The lamp. The wall. The bed. The ceiling. Who wants to go?

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