Winter Uniform (via a-z west)

Check out the work of Andrea Zittel. I’m not sure I can properly convey in words how spectacular I think the these pieces are; coveting the dress and sweater especially. There is also desert living, indigo dyeing, a boy named Emmett, and a cat named Thunder Angel. Really worth a look! Now that it is … Continue reading

The End of ‘The Challenge’

Today marks the last day of the shopping challenge (usually just known as ‘The Challenge’) that MCM and I undertook this past year. But I’m not sure if I ever quiet spelled it out for you all here. Basically, I was feeling that, after two moves in one year, I had a little too much … Continue reading

Christmas Crafty

This past holiday was wonderful and exhausting. Without realizing it I ended up with a gift list that was very crafty and hand-made heavy; now that most all packages have been received I don’t have to worry about saying anything and ruining the surprise. For example MCM got a geometric Wiksten Tank (I’m getting quite … Continue reading

Pattern Play

                              My latest online obsession is vintage pattern hunting on Etsy. It’s an amazing way to kill half a night and pick up some amazing finds.¬†Favorite categories are dresses from the 1970’s and blouses and skirts from the 1980’s.¬†One such score … Continue reading

Wiksten Made

Several months back I ordered a tank and dress pattern from Jenny Gordy at Wiksten. I don’t believe I even had a sewing machine at the time but I love stuff from Wiksten and knew it always sold out very quickly so I jumped on the pattern pre-order for the tank and dress. When I … Continue reading

Just Cute

So it took me 7 hours to make a shirt the other day (more on that later), I don’t even want to know how long this took to make.

Project Pouch

I came across a sewing project a few days back and I immediately wanted to give it a try. It seemed straight forward, did not require anything other than fabric and a zipper, and looked to be a good next step from the basic skills I had been working on. Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business is … Continue reading

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