Oakland Art Murmur – July

Last month I did First Friday solo, this month I had the good fortune to check out the scene with MCM, BG, and Charlie. First stop was the ATM because cash=food; green curry tamale, garlic noodles, Jamaican beans, rice and veggies, and of course, cheap beer. But art is why we were there, so on to the galleries. Johansson Projects was closed so we ducked into Hatch. I guess World Cup 2010 fever has permeated even the art world because Rio Babe International had completely taken over Hatch Gallery with a flat screen t.v. showing the games, stadium seating, a hot tub, artwork representing participating countries, and even a clothing line. The gear ran from bandanas to tank tops and jackets. MCM and I had a mini fight over the $60 David Beckham bandana. I though Becks would be great as my new biking head scarf and MCM agreed. Would that be breaking the rules of the Challenge? Is it art or is it clothing?

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Much of what was showing was the same as last month so many of our stops were somewhat cursory. Moving up from 23rd, a quick bathroom break at the Koreana Plaza, and on to the galleries on 25th. Mercury 20 continues to have a decent offering of works, with the highlight of the night belonging to the art work of Julie Alvarado. I had seen these pieces months ago, before Mercury 20 had even moved to their new location. I was totally enamored of it then and had told MCM that she needed to go see this stuff. Well, they were back. The cats. Or I should say life-sized free standing cutouts of kittens. Completely kitschy, completely wonderful. I of course loved the baby Etsuko while MCM liked the skittish cream colored guy. These truly may be hard to resist. We didn’t stop into Vessel right next door but later heard that there was some good stuff there. ‘In the Garden’ with  sculptures by Natalie Cartwright and ‘Return to Romanticism’ with jewelry by  Luana Coonen runs until July 10th; one of my favorite pair of earrings are by Luana Coonen so I may need to find some time to go back to Vessel.

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