The Doll Mercantile

During our brief summer heat wave this past week MCM and I took a little trip north to Petamula to hit up a few vintage and thrift stores, see a bit of the countryside, and just plain get out of town. The place MCM was hoping to take me to, where she had scored a good deal earlier in the week, unfortunately closed at 4:00 so we had to make do with another place she had spied that looked promising. The large paint-peeling collectables sign had our names written all over it. Once we parked however we noticed another sign; The Doll Mercantile. This was going to be memorable.

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Greeted by a large display of Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls, followed by row upon row of more dolls, doll clothes, doll paintings, doll everything, we tried to keep our snickering at a minimum. There was also a significant creepy factor, old dolls can be very creepy. Until MCM noticed an amazing old fan. Then I saw the souvenir plates. Old tobacco tins. Basketfuls of handkerchiefs, doilies, and hand embroidered dish towels. Beautiful turquoise and silver rings and bracelets that we both wanted. MCM grabbed two framed bits off the wall and asked “Is it $18.00 a piece or for both?” “For both, but all our framed pieces are half off at the moment.” Seems the plates were half off too. Not to mention the proprietor seemed more than amenable to striking a bargain on just about anything. MCM got the fan and the framed bits and some other things, $15.00. I got my Nevada plate, to match my Nevada tray, and a gift for Obasan, $5.00. The dish towels, the tobacco tins, and a gorgeous powder compact I may have to go back for, when my budget is a bit fuller. We were there over an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and closed the place down. Two iced coffees and we were back on the road.

So the Doll Mercantile is not just dolls, it also has many other great items, good prices to begin with, and someone behind the counter willing to be very generous with a discount.

the doll mercantile | 1510 bodega avenue, petaluma, ca | 707.765.6935

2 Responses to “The Doll Mercantile”
  1. Jerry Smith says:

    As your grammar consultant, I have to point out that you make do, due is for bills, recognition, respect, and the like ;~)

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