Thrifty Thursday

Don’t think that my silence on the subject of thrifting means I haven’t been doing any because that would be egregiously incorrect. I found this nice pear shaped vase at Dress Best for Less, but at $15 way too much for what it was. A month later at half off? Yes! For the moment it … Continue reading

Heath at Home

Back when Pops and J were in town we took a nice little day trip up to Marin and spent the morning in Sausalito. My primary goal was a visit to the Heath Ceramics shop to check out what deals could be had from their seconds and samples. Unfortunately the tours are only given on … Continue reading

Sneak Peek – goodies for the Bazaar this weekend (via Heath Ceramics)

Pops, J, and I stopped into the Sausalito shop today and I picked up a bunch of good stuff. It looks like I got the last orange bud vase they had. They were all out of those amazing key chains, hopefully those will become available again. There were far too many wonderful items to choose … Continue reading

Sewing Machine Saga and (minor) Camera Catastrophe

Over the past few months, ever since testing out MCM’s sewing machine, all I’ve wanted to do was get my own machine and start figuring out what craftiness I’m capable of. I looked online, comparing different models. Looked at what all the creative people I admire were using. But then I was very nicely surprised … Continue reading

Craft Envy

I probably shouldn’t undertake another type of craftiness before I’ve even begun sewing proper, but Jill Tamaki’s monster embroidered quilt is making me want to do just that. I have always admired those little hand-made touches you may come across on pillow cases and old handkerchiefs, especially when they are used as a repair to … Continue reading


Come summertime one of my favorite things to make a ton of, and then live off of for the next week, is gazpacho. My dad used to make this when I was little and I apparently didn’t quite understand what the older folks were saying and came to believe that what my dad was making … Continue reading

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