Window Seat Wednesday

Such the lazy blogger am I; I’ve had half a dozen Window Seat Wednesday posts queued up for you and not gotten around to finalizing and posting them. But maybe a new month means a new leaf? Maybe I can get those Photo of the Day posts done too?June is also the month that partner … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Happy Window Seat Wednesday! For today there were a few key images I had in my head that I went searching for. MCM and I are officially obsessed with the Hindu festival of Holi. It is a spring holiday celebrated all over the world with it’s most visible ritual being the throwing of colored powders and … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Hello and welcome to the late edition of Window Seat Wednesday! I really like today’s choices, here we go! Back in France with a stop in the Versailles gardens. On my very brief trip several years ago we made sure Versailles was on the itinerary but neglected to allocate enough time for the horrific lines. … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Welcome back to Window Seat Wednesday! Maybe if I have a slightly more structured posting schedule I won’t be so remiss in my blog upkeep so let’s try to make this a regular feature (if you approve!) One of my favorite daily blog reads is bigBANG Studio; artist Lily Stockman and her husband are currently spending … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Locals and Tourists Series: I came across these beautiful maps the other day. Beautiful if you’re a tourist or a local (I love how blue Oakland is). From Eric Fischer’s Flickr set ‘Locals and Tourists‘: Some people interpreted the Geotaggers’ World Atlas maps to be maps of tourism. This set is an attempt to figure out … Continue reading

Spaces: Paris

Ensuite is a “collection of inspired and inspiring things”  put together by parisienne Clarisse Demory. She often posts Selby-like photo collections of beautiful homes in Paris.  Here, gorgeous lighting and a woodland menagerie by the hearth of Sophie Toulouse and Nicholas Hoffman are very inspired.

Louis Vuitton Family House in Asnieres

Ridiculous Gorgeousness. My favorite things all in one spot. Paris. Vintage luggage. Egon Schiele. Black globes. Giant handbags. Mark Jacobs. Hand crafted loveliness. The Selby. Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and London coming soon.

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