Window Seat Wednesday

Such the lazy blogger am I; I’ve had half a dozen Window Seat Wednesday posts queued up for you and not gotten around to finalizing and posting them. But maybe a new month means a new leaf? Maybe I can get those Photo of the Day posts done too?June is also the month that partner … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Happy April Window Seat Wednesday, it’s Spring! Thinking about beaches and bougainvillea and getting out of town for the day. Obasan and SMB are in town for a bit so a little tribute to Florida was in order. Lucha Libre masks in Mexico City; Etsuko in Mexico, let’s go! After the woman at the Trevi Fountain and this … Continue reading

They Say it’s Your Birthday

My, my, my. It looks like this little blog is one year old today. Maybe I’ll grab a box of balloons, get some cake and funny hats, and bust out some fly dance moves and celebrate a bit. Or I may just go up to Piedmont for coffeetime and laundry with my BFF. That’s how … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Okay, so Window Seat Wednesday is a little late today. Used to be I had Wednesdays off and so had plenty of time over my morning coffee to fill you in on my work-y/travel-y goings on, but not anymore. So now it has to wait until after work, after dinner, after Tumblr stops being persnickety, and … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

All images Gérald Verdon Photography. Reno, Nevada, 2010. More –>

Christmas Crafty

This past holiday was wonderful and exhausting. Without realizing it I ended up with a gift list that was very crafty and hand-made heavy; now that most all packages have been received I don’t have to worry about saying anything and ruining the surprise. For example MCM got a geometric Wiksten Tank (I’m getting quite … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

My first day helming Window Seat (start here and the following nine are mine) has begun but as that blog is strictly visual I don’t have the opportunity to get into why I’m currently drawn to those images and places featured. So I’ll do that here! Since a.c.e. is still set on fleeing to Mexico … Continue reading

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