Window Seat Wednesday

  Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is another destination very high on my list of places to hopefully see one day soon. Bustling streets, tempting street food, ao dai, and some faded French veneer. No disrespect to Father Ho but I’ll probably just keep on saying Saigon, quietly, to myself. Havana; as someone said, … Continue reading

Happy Holidays

My cup runneth over. Happy Holidays. Via here and here.

Window Seat Wednesday

Welcome back to Window Seat Wednesday! Maybe if I have a slightly more structured posting schedule I won’t be so remiss in my blog upkeep so let’s try to make this a regular feature (if you approve!) One of my favorite daily blog reads is bigBANG Studio; artist¬†Lily Stockman and her husband are currently spending … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

My first day helming Window Seat (start here and the following nine are mine) has begun but as that blog is strictly visual I don’t have the opportunity to get into why I’m currently drawn to those images and places featured. So I’ll do that here! Since a.c.e. is still set on fleeing to Mexico … Continue reading


I work in retail so in the month of December I basically spend my time sleeping and working, with snack time wedged in occasionally (hence the dire state of this blog.) I have decided to add just one more thing into the mix because, well, I may be certifiable. I will be, not quite ¬†guest … Continue reading

Oakland Art Murmur – December, Preview

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