Pattern Play

                              My latest online obsession is vintage pattern hunting on Etsy. It’s an amazing way to kill half a night and pick up some amazing finds. Favorite categories are dresses from the 1970’s and blouses and skirts from the 1980’s. One such score … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Strude series photographs taken by Trine Søndergaard on the Danish island of Fanø from 2007 to 2009. ‘Strude’ – a hood which covers the upper and lower parts of the face as protection against the sun and wind when working in the fields.

Andy Goldsworthy

There is a new exhibition of work by Andy Goldsworthy at the Haines Gallery in San Francisco from November 4 to December 24, 2010. I hadn’t realized how much work he has done in California and the Bay Area. His commissioned piece at the De Young Museum has been one of my favorites ever since the … Continue reading

Wiksten Made

Several months back I ordered a tank and dress pattern from Jenny Gordy at Wiksten. I don’t believe I even had a sewing machine at the time but I love stuff from Wiksten and knew it always sold out very quickly so I jumped on the pattern pre-order for the tank and dress. When I … Continue reading

Just Cute

So it took me 7 hours to make a shirt the other day (more on that later), I don’t even want to know how long this took to make.

Dia de los Muertos

So another showing at Victorian Rat has come and gone, along with the month of October. Dia de los Muertos featured some old OE favorites as well as some new loves. I have been a fan of Randy Noborikawa and his lenticular paintings (check out the security cameras at the bottom of the page, a … Continue reading

Dia de los Muertos at Victorian Rat (via OAKLAND SWEE(t)ART)

Tonight is the last night for the Dia de los Muertos show so stop on by to see some great art. I will get my own post up soon, promise. “I am very pleased to be included in the Dia de los Muertos show at Victoria Rat in North Oakland. Curators/Artists/Fiances Brianna Brianna Brandow and … Continue reading

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