The End of ‘The Challenge’

Today marks the last day of the shopping challenge (usually just known as ‘The Challenge’) that MCM and I undertook this past year. But I’m not sure if I ever quiet spelled it out for you all here. Basically, I was feeling that, after two moves in one year, I had a little too much … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

Hello and welcome to the late edition of Window Seat Wednesday! I really like today’s choices, here we go! Back in France with a stop in the Versailles gardens. On my very brief trip several years ago we made sure Versailles was on the itinerary but neglected to allocate enough time for the horrific lines. … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

Photographer Larry Sultan; all from Pictures from Home (1982–91) except last.

Thrifty Thursday

Don’t think that my silence on the subject of thrifting means I haven’t been doing any because that would be egregiously incorrect. I found this nice pear shaped vase at Dress Best for Less, but at $15 way too much for what it was. A month later at half off? Yes! For the moment it … Continue reading

Window Seat Wednesday

I am trying to plan a little trip to France this June with a.c.e and MCM; I have a friend Serge who has a little apartment for rent in Paris. Do you think it has a view like this? Even if not I’m sure to find plenty of cafes to noodle away some time avec … Continue reading

Tomboy Style

There is a wonderful blog out there called Tomboy Style that is a great styling resource but can also be a little emotional pick me up for those days when you (girls) are feeling a bit put-upon. We can now look forward to a book to help us celebrate those women who tend to risk … Continue reading

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