Covet: Lighting Edition

Hand-coiled Measuring Tape Lamps from artist/designer Chrissy Angliker. Perfect illumination for a craft room, wouldn’t you say? Advertisements

Hold on Tight

Colleen and Eric are a pair of Brooklyn designers interested in making beautiful things for your home. There are only a few items up on their website at the moment but after seeing that Eric made Colleen a carving mallet for Valentine’s Day and that Colleen responded ‘Sweet!’ and not ‘Honey, a carving mallet? Really?’ … Continue reading

Covet: Chevalier-Masson

Chevalier-Masson is a collaborative effort between Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier, creating everything from socks, lovely scarves, and chairs. There is a sense of youthful whimsy in much of their work. They have designed a hollow braid rope with two mobile hooks inside that can be slid to differing points along the length of the … Continue reading

The Donkey

This goes under the heading of ‘you learn something new everyday.’ I just found out that an acquaintance of mine has his own blog, partly devoted to bookshelves. So not only have I found a wonderful new blog but also another piece of furniture to covet. I think I will have to start asking people … Continue reading


Today FLOS lighting opened it’s first US location in my old stomping grounds in Soho. I have always had a thing for the wonderfully gothic spidery creepiness of the Zeppelin, designed by Marcel Wanders. It’s like something out of Grey Gardens or Great Expectations, or a miniature Christo. Maybe one day I will live in a … Continue reading

The Navy Chair

The Emeco 1006 chair, more commonly know as the Navy chair, is a classic in American design. You’ve come across it so many times, in so many places,  you’ve probably stopped seeing it. The 1006 was commissioned by the US Navy in the 40’s for use on the fleet while at sea; the contract stipulated that … Continue reading

To BKF or not to BKF

Kicking around the backyard forever was a Hardoy Butterfly chair frame left by some unknown PT. I spent a recent day off cleaning and weeding the courtyard to make way for my tiny garden and summer barbecues and was wondering what to do with the BKF frame. I was at first thinking of just getting … Continue reading

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