The End of ‘The Challenge’

Today marks the last day of the shopping challenge (usually just known as ‘The Challenge’) that MCM and I undertook this past year. But I’m not sure if I ever quiet spelled it out for you all here. Basically, I was feeling that, after two moves in one year, I had a little too much … Continue reading

Pattern Play

                              My latest online obsession is vintage pattern hunting on Etsy. It’s an amazing way to kill half a night and pick up some amazing finds. Favorite categories are dresses from the 1970’s and blouses and skirts from the 1980’s. One such score … Continue reading

Wiksten: Make

I have been admiring the work of Jenny Gordy over at Wiksten for a while now but due to budgetary concerns, the Challenge, and the fact that her stuff sells out so darn fast, getting something for my closet has been a no go. However this past shop update Wiksten was offering a pattern for sale … Continue reading

5 down, 7 to go

On March 1st MCM and I started our 1 year Challenge of abstaining from almost all clothing and accessories shopping. It’s been good and not as difficult as I had though it might be, but with a birthday in June and incredibly fat gift certificates to some of my favorites, as well as three freebies, … Continue reading

New Blog/New Dress a Day

Someone else out there is doing a clothing Challenge this year but her spin on things is this. The rules for a New Dress a Day are 365 days, 365 outfits, 365 dollars. Everything must be found at vintage stores, yard sales, rummage sales, etc., and with a pretty strict $1.00 a day budget. From muumuus … Continue reading

The Thrill of the Thrift

I’ve been picking up a few good things lately in the East Bay thrifting rounds.  A new place I checked out the other day on Piedmont, The Discovery Store, I had high hopes for but their prices seemed a bit inflated and the selection, at least on that day, wasn’t too inspiring. My only find … Continue reading

Oakland Art Murmur – July

Last month I did First Friday solo, this month I had the good fortune to check out the scene with MCM, BG, and Charlie. First stop was the ATM because cash=food; green curry tamale, garlic noodles, Jamaican beans, rice and veggies, and of course, cheap beer. But art is why we were there, so on … Continue reading

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