They Say it’s Your Birthday

My, my, my. It looks like this little blog is one year old today. Maybe I’ll grab a box of balloons, get some cake and funny hats, and bust out some fly dance moves and celebrate a bit. Or I may just go up to Piedmont for coffeetime and laundry with my BFF. That’s how … Continue reading

Tomboy Style

There is a wonderful blog out there called Tomboy Style that is a great styling resource but can also be a little emotional pick me up for those days when you (girls) are feeling a bit put-upon. We can now look forward to a book to help us celebrate those women who tend to risk … Continue reading

Patricia Neal

I know there are a lot of ‘Cool Hand Luke’ fans out there but I’ve always been rather partial to ‘Hud’ and that has a lot to do with the wonderful performance by Patricia Neal. This talented actress passed away yesterday. So if you haven’t seen this beautifully shot movie or if it’s just been … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Miss E.

Please don’t think me a horrible cat lady but this little blog is named after her, so today, of all days, she’s got to get a little attention. Now the OE is not even sixth months going but the other Oakland Etsuko, the furry one, turns two years old today. Sometimes know as Miss E., … Continue reading


So this humble little blog originally started as a workplace community building experiment over on Tumblr. I can be a good little cheerleader for the company when need be so I tried to embrace the project. It was fun and I started to get into it. But I found issues with the Tumblr format and … Continue reading

What to Wear

TheĀ Uniform Project is back for another year with some very exciting changes and editions. The orgional U.P. girl Sheena is taking a bit of a break from the spotlight, but that is leaving room for others to shine in her place. The U.P., starting August 1st, is making way for ‘Pilots’, one a month, to … Continue reading

To Die For

This may be a bit of a controversial post. Because I’m going to talk about tie-dye. Some of you may have lived through the original wave of peace, love, and understanding, and the tie-dyed clothing that went with it. For myself, I spend much of my time in Berkeley and there is certainly a long … Continue reading

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