Brett Amory, Not his first Rodeo (via OAKLAND SWEE(t)ART)

Interview with Oakland artist Brett Amory. Brett’s been making big waves these days. Oakland Painter done real good. He lives in West Oakland in a building that looks like it stepped out of the California sunshine and into one of his paintings. You can catch him down in Culver City this month in a solo … Continue reading

Stephen Eichhorn

I just came across an artist whose work I’m really loving. Yes, some of it has cats in it. But even the non-cat pieces are pretty darned great. Stephen Eichhorn does mind-blowing collage work, predominantly floral, with original source material coming from old books and magazines, even wallpaper. His most current show is Contemporary Collage, … Continue reading

Spaces: Paris

Ensuite is a “collection of inspired and inspiring things”  put together by parisienne Clarisse Demory. She often posts Selby-like photo collections of beautiful homes in Paris.  Here, gorgeous lighting and a woodland menagerie by the hearth of Sophie Toulouse and Nicholas Hoffman are very inspired.

Photo of the Day

Sub Rosa

Last week a.c.e and I switched up the location of our usual day-off-coffee-time-hang-out from Piedmont Ave down to 40th and hit up Sub Rosa. They consistently make a stellar cup using Four Barrel coffees; I’ve only been disappointed in my coffee once, and it was probably my fault, I probably put too much cream in. … Continue reading

Scenes from an Apartment

TOA week in pictorial review; lots of flowers, neighbor cat Stella came to visit, laundry, art project, and napping.


Come summertime one of my favorite things to make a ton of, and then live off of for the next week, is gazpacho. My dad used to make this when I was little and I apparently didn’t quite understand what the older folks were saying and came to believe that what my dad was making … Continue reading

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