David Seiler, California Dreaming (via OAKLAND SWEE(t)ART)

David Seiler is one of our big local stars. His figurative expressionist style is definitive and immediately recognizable. When he is not at Live Art Wednesday, you can usually find him at his studio/gallery called Victorian Rat of West Mac in Oakland. You can see his latest work at Zza’s Wine Bar Gallery when it … Continue reading

Andy Goldsworthy

There is a new exhibition of work by Andy Goldsworthy at the Haines Gallery in San Francisco from November 4 to December 24, 2010. I hadn’t realized how much work he has done in California and the Bay Area. His commissioned piece at the De Young Museum has been one of my favorites ever since the … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

I’ve taken my time posting about seeing ‘New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-altered Landscape’ at SFMoma but not because it was disappointing or there wasn’t much to say. It was a fantastic show, tied with Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’ – at SFMoma last year – for the best photographic show I’ve seen. I came away with … Continue reading

The General Store

Part of my day trip to San Francisco last week was a visit to the outer outer Sunset and the wonderful General Store. I can’t remember where on the web I first found the General Store but I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Owner Serena Mitnik-Miller was super nice and she and a … Continue reading

San Francisco Day Trip

On Thursday I thought I would head into the city early, before the Alex Kanevsky show, to hit up a cute little shop I’ve been seeing online and wanted to check out in person. The General Store (more on that later) is deep in the Sunset and it was pleasantly warm and sunny. Back downtown … Continue reading

Art Heart: Heroes and Animals

The work of Alex Kanevsky has shown up here a few times before but with his latest exhibit ‘Heroes and Animals‘ opening at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco tomorrow I wanted to post a few things that I am very excited to see. It’s a shame that a.c.e., who introduced Kanevsky’s paintings to … Continue reading

Photo of the Day

I’m off to San Francisco for the day to see the last weekend of  ‘New Topographics‘ at SFMoma; I’ll let you know how it is. Tonight is also First Friday. We’ll have to see if I have the stamina for that much art in one day. In the meantime I wanted to share ‘The Ruins … Continue reading

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