5 down, 7 to go

On March 1st MCM and I started our 1 year Challenge of abstaining from almost all clothing and accessories shopping. It’s been good and not as difficult as I had though it might be, but with a birthday in June and incredibly fat gift certificates to some of my favorites, as well as three freebies, I haven’t been completely shop free. It’s allowed me to put my money and my time towards other things. Blogging does present some temptations (that Dusen Dusen backpack is still available and now on super sale!) but I am trying to channel my desire for pretty things into motivation to learn how to make those things myself. But there are a few sorts of things that I just cannot make on my own, no matter how good I get with a sewing machine.

Oaklandish Mandala t-shirt I liked so much, when I saw it in the window, I forgot I was doing the Challenge and walked in the store and almost bought.

Minnetonka moccasins, in grey, which I’ve never seen before! I got a pair of short boots in black from Mercy Vintage now with the afore-mentioned gift certificates and wore them for two weeks straight, and most every day since. After the Challenge is done I’m getting a pair in every color because they are just so comfortable.

Mociun jacket. Officially sold out as of…sigh…today. This is so beautiful. Here’s hoping that come next March they have something half as wonderful for me to break my shopping fast with.


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