The Thrill of the Thrift

I’ve been picking up a few good things lately in the East Bay thrifting rounds.  A new place I checked out the other day on Piedmont, The Discovery Store, I had high hopes for but their prices seemed a bit inflated and the selection, at least on that day, wasn’t too inspiring. My only find was a sweet 1950’s style silk scarf of San Francisco tourist attractions. The Challenge prohibits clothes shopping, but this scarf was in such a delicate condition I don’t think I would ever wear it anyway; it might work as a wall hanging and at $3.00, worth it to find out. Another shop on Piedmont was where I found the state map of Nevada tray ($7.00) that will commemorate last Thanksgivings’ trip to that charming state and my love of trays.

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Creative Reuse Depot provided me with a large and unusual thrown flower pot ($2.50) as well as the previously mentioned wooden spools  of thread (.25 cents each) and two embroidery hoops (.50 cents each). I saw a lovely use of embroidery frames in an old Apartment Therapy post and I might try to replicate that idea. Pickle Thrift recently had a large selection of decorative plates featuring Queen Elizabeth II and the marriage of Charles and Diana. I’m not a huge Anglophile but the kitsch factor was high and I couldn’t resist a few small saucers and dishes ($3.00 to $6.00 each).

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