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Someone else out there is doing a clothing Challenge this year but her spin on things is this. The rules for a New Dress a Day are 365 days, 365 outfits, 365 dollars. Everything must be found at vintage stores, yard sales, rummage sales, etc., and with a pretty strict $1.00 a day budget. From muumuus to a members only jacket, knee deep in polyester and shoulder-pads, Marisa is tackling an array of, as she might say, “atrosh” remnants from the last 50 years of fashion and spinning them into gold. There are stains. There are rips. There are gigantic muumuus. Some are simple fixes and  some are major overhauls. I love that she is saving items that otherwise might just get tossed. I have to say I’m not always on board with the results, but fashion tastes differ*, and seeing what she often has to start with, she is up against one heck of a challenge. I would be glad to open my closet and find any of these ‘afters’ waiting for me.

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*I think it needs to be noted that, while I believe she is a native New Yorker, Marisa currently lives in L.A. Here in the bay, in fashion as in everything else, individuality is praised – thrift, consignment, second-hand stores are picked clean – and people feel free to wear what they want and let their freak flag fly. This has not been my understanding of the fashion scene in Los Angeles. I am most impressed with her energy (sewing a new outfit every day and blogging about it?) and her hutzpah. Marisa, good luck, and thanks for the inspiration.

4 Responses to “New Blog/New Dress a Day”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Wow! That is one talented woman!

  2. Katie Bowser says:

    Oh my goodness, yes, I’m completely inspired! I think I’m now in the market for a sewing machine… Are you going to try this kind of thing to add pieces to your wardrobe?

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