Wiksten Made

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Several months back I ordered a tank and dress pattern from Jenny Gordy at Wiksten. I don’t believe I even had a sewing machine at the time but I love stuff from Wiksten and knew it always sold out very quickly so I jumped on the pattern pre-order for the tank and dress. When I received notification that my second pattern pre-order, for the Tova top, was on it’s way I decided that I had better break out the tank pattern and finally get my feet wet on sewing from a pattern. I had some left-over cotton – just about enough – from a couple of scarves I had recently  finished, and got to work. Jenny’s directions were very clear and I had little trouble, just one or two backtracks, and I was done! Only seven hours later! I sew very slow at the moment, and there was a bit of kitten wrangling to be done, but I think I will improve in quality and speed as time goes on. I tried a white floral cotton today and it took me five hours; granted without a pocket or bottom hem I had less to do to begin with but I think I’m showing progress. The resulting tanks are lovely and comfy; the pattern is design is spot on. Next, the Tova top!

4 Responses to “Wiksten Made”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Looks very professional! And I like the style. So (sew) great that you have a machine that works now!

  2. eugene says:

    So proud of you! Love that you’re getting your creative on!

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