Project Pouch

I came across a sewing project a few days back and I immediately wanted to give it a try. It seemed straight forward, did not require anything other than fabric and a zipper, and looked to be a good next step from the basic skills I had been working on. Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business is the blog of two very crafty Southerners with a Boston connection, Jessica and Elizabeth, and they posted a how-to on a pretty and simple little pouch.

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I had come across this beautiful heavy linen at Piedmont Fabric and when a piece came up in the remnant pile I snagged it. When looking for a suitably contrasty lining, I stopped over at Crate and Barrel Outlet on a break this past week to check out their Marimekko scraps. Usually it’s just small bits for a quater but they must be doing some clearing out because (relatively) large swathes of fabric were in bins for just a dollar. Perfect.

The tutorial is easy to follow, many pictures to help with the process, and the whole project only took an hour. Yes, I’m joking, that’s a long time for such a little pouch, but I had a few missteps and had to back track a bit. I think next time it will go much more quickly and I will get those zipper ends to line up. You can also see that my work station is a bit crowded and that I have an assistant who is not always the most helpful. But I love the triangle corners and I could cover my whole apartment in that linen. All in all I’ll call it a success and as soon as I get more zippers into my craft box I’ll work on getting all the kinks ironed out.

Brown and floral pouch how-to photo via Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business.

4 Responses to “Project Pouch”
  1. eugene says:

    love it! So glad you are making stuff! I just made a jacket. Hope you get to see it!!!

  2. Carol Baker says:

    Very nice, love the linen. Do I see that your assistant is helping with “pressing” the fabric scraps? My assistant likes to “paperweight” my papers for me.

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