Christmas Crafty

This past holiday was wonderful and exhausting. Without realizing it I ended up with a gift list that was very crafty and hand-made heavy; now that most all packages have been received I don’t have to worry about saying anything and ruining the surprise. For example MCM got a geometric Wiksten Tank (I’m getting quite good at these and expect to end up with at least a dozen in my closet before long) and several cat lovers got Fieldguided‘s Dream Cats calendar (now on sale, hurry!) – I even hand made ribbon for the packages.

a.c.e, as per his instructions, received four charcoal grey linen napkins. I found the instructions for mitered cornered linens in my new bible, Martha Stewart’s Sewing and Craft Encyclopedia, but have since come across the same steps on Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business. I thought I’d share as they always do such nice clear lay-outs with enviably pretty fabrics, and with all the running around before the holiday I didn’t remember to get one photograph of my little project. Total sewing time is probably under five minutes, it’s the pressing that is so darn time consuming. But it’s worth it to have a lovely set of napkins for the table (I like ECAB’s idea for coasters as well!) and I agree with Jessica, give me a bolt of checked linen and I’ll make napkins ’til the cows come home.

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