Window Seat Wednesday

My first day helming Window Seat (start here and the following nine are mine) has begun but as that blog is strictly visual I don’t have the opportunity to get into why I’m currently drawn to those images and places featured. So I’ll do that here!

Since a.c.e. is still set on fleeing to Mexico I have been photographically revisiting some of my trips there including a day trip to Guanajuato, sitting at a street cafe looking up at one of the numerous beautiful churches.

DWR’s last event featured classic posters from a local collectors shop, Vintage European Posters. They had so many beautiful stone lithograph posters, many over 100 years old. I of course loved the travel posters and they fit right in with the retro aesthetic of Flight 001. This SoCal and Pacific Northwest duo were probably my favorites of the series.  There was one Bally poster, well, if anyone has an extra $1,400-1,800 to spare, let me know. But I highly recommend a visit to see these posters in person if you’re local, the vivid colors, the kitschy vintage advertisements, they’re just fun.

It is also a nod to the road trip to Southern Oregon that I am very regretfully not taking this Christmas. Portland, I promise I will visit you soon.

Ever since a friend was studying at UAB, and blogging wonderful stories about the people and food and everything else of Beirut, I have wanted to visit. I love these snapshots and their charming scrapbook layout. These are the types of gems that I always hope to find when scouring through old heaps of photos at junk shops.

Okay, that’s just a taste, more travel inspiration is over at Flight 001’s Window Seat!


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