Window Seat Wednesday

Happy April Window Seat Wednesday, it’s Spring! Thinking about beaches and bougainvillea and getting out of town for the day.

Obasan and SMB are in town for a bit so a little tribute to Florida was in order.

Lucha Libre masks in Mexico City; Etsuko in Mexico, let’s go!

After the woman at the Trevi Fountain and this lovely lady outside the Belles Artes in Mexico City I may need to make sure I get one good vintage snapshot post in every week. We’ll call it the Friends of Mrs. Rassmussen Society, yes?

I’ve always wanted to see whole plazas of people doing Tai Chi; there is a woman on San Pablo who does Tai Chi while waiting for the bus (it’s either Tai Chi or she’s flirting with a.c.e., we haven’t conclusively decided yet.)

For some reason I was reminded the other day of the house my aunt used to live that we called “The Pagoda” and a quick search turned up the Pagoda Forest at the Shaolin Temple in China. Traditional pagodas must have an odd number (1-7) of storeys  and an even number (4 or 6) of sides .

The Salk Institute in San Diego; I was origionally looking for a good photo of Louis Kahn’s National Assembly Building of Bangladesh but couldn’t find one. This one suits me just as well, especially at sunset!

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