Window Seat Wednesday

Hello and welcome to the late edition of Window Seat Wednesday! I really like today’s choices, here we go!

Back in France with a stop in the Versailles gardens. On my very brief trip several years ago we made sure Versailles was on the itinerary but neglected to allocate enough time for the horrific lines. One line to get tickets and another to get in – each about four hours long! We realized that most of the gardens were free and only about a twenty minute wait. It worked out so much better that way, with the picnic we’d brought along, we spent the afternoon like kings instead of cattle. But next time I’ll bring cake!

Hmong women in Vietnam. The textiles used in their clothing are amazing and many of the different Hmong groups are named after the common coloring and patterns of the garments within each group such as the Red Hmong, Black Hmong, or Flower Hmong. Can you tell I’m obsessed with fabric these days?

Ketchkan Alaska. Totem poles are awesome.

Joshua Tree National Park. I loved my time in Joshua Tree this past summer and hope to visit again, next time with a partner in crime. This is the very well known sign to the park entrance but I’m not sure how official it is (note the strategic beer bottles.)

Lai Chau, Vietnam. Something about these well used bikes on this well used little boat, heading into the mist, just seemed to evoke a certain spirit of adventure. A bit of rough and tumble and who knows what’s around the bend. Everyone seems to agree because as of this writing the bicycles in the mist post has received 4638 notes. Wow! Thanks!


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