Thrifty Thursday

Don’t think that my silence on the subject of thrifting means I haven’t been doing any because that would be egregiously incorrect.

I found this nice pear shaped vase at Dress Best for Less, but at $15 way too much for what it was. A month later at half off? Yes! For the moment it is grouped with the acorn pot, a sweet round mirror with a bit of etching from Home 101 for $9, and an awesome geode Obasan “regifted” to me this past Christmas (originally a gift from Pops back when I was a teenager it had obviously gotten lost in the shuffle of several moves. So glad to gave it back!)

Pickle Thrift Annex set me up with these two small pots; if I remember right, $5 for the pair. Look how nice the little one matches my bud vases from Heath Ceramics. The growing collection also inspired me to clean up my open kitchen shelves of tea boxes and random utensils and mason jars of potting rocks and make a space worth looking at.

There are more where these all came from but I am having more camera issues. Luckily I have some crafty pictures waiting for you so I’ll try not to fall into the canyon of silence again.

One Response to “Thrifty Thursday”
  1. Pops says:

    Where to start. Anyone who uses egregiously properly in a sentence should know the difference between to and too ;~O What’s wrong with the camera? Do you need some help? Nice geode, wonder where we got that, maybe with the Green River fish.

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