Are you my type?

I love words. I love words singularly and I love words strung together into beautiful sentences, paragraphs, and pages. I love their sound, their feel as you say them, and their look. I read voraciously and have a bit of an issue with acquiring books. When I was little I wanted to be the person who deciphered the ancient Cretan language Linear A (no one has definitively done it yet, so I still have time.)

Emotional, Understated, Traditional, Relaxed.

So I have a fondness for fonts and when I heard about a site that can delve into your personality and find out what ‘type’ you are I was tickled pink and had to try it. At first I was a bit disappointed, I thought Plastica was a bit severe. But now I am quite fond of Plastica; the embossed relief has a supportive elegance. The ‘j’ is gorgeous.

Plastica: a san serif font designed by Herbert Post in 1932. I can’t seem to find much out about him or Plastica (except that it is now called Umbra) on the web. More investigation is needed.

What type are you?

One Response to “Are you my type?”
  1. Jerry Smith says:

    Well he said I was Expanded Antique but I am most definitely a Garamond or Palatino

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