Black and White and Red all over

Someone very near and very dear to TOA has recently been putting the final touches on their kitchen renovation and tomorrow would have been the lovely Julia Child’s 98th birthday. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only reach page 128 in ‘My Life in France’; my summer reading list is a shambles. On Thursday I hosted an old-school Taco Night. So kitchens, and all the terribly yummy things you can do in them, are on my mind.

You don’t have to know me for very long to learn that red is my least favorite color. Now, I don’t hate it, it exists in my world, just very sparingly. So the fact that my kitchen is red, a dark saturated red, bothers me on an almost daily basis. I love the black and white checkerboard floor. The nice stove and huge, even for me, refrigerator. More cabinet space than I’ve been able to figure out what to do with. And ugly, gross, red walls. White is the direction I am going in with possible green accents for the built-in cabinets and trim. Bright scallion-y green, but just a little bit. Maybe some impreciseĀ chalkboard paint, to write down those grocery lists. Not much I can do about the water heater or the one electrical outlet (the stove is plugged into a living room outlet.) Replace that horrible shelf with something more rustic and light and less…gross. Oh, and the light, sigh, that too.

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I’m not serious about the flowered cabinets but I thought I’d put it in for fun, especially after my Liberty of London post.


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