Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

I’m neither rich nor famous but I think it possible to have a really top drawer kitchen without breaking the bank (provided I don’t go overboard on too many linens.) I so love the checkerboard floor, I’d like to keep with a simple black and white theme for the most part, with just a few touches of color.

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Photo 1: Hand embroidered tea towels, with sweet little triangles, from milkaLoom.

Photo 2: I’m not likely to wallpaper the kitchen, at least not until I own instead of rent, but I can make due with cactus hand towels from makelike in the meantime.

Photo 3: Of course anything Fog Linen would suit me just fine; I am particularly fond of their trays.

Photo 4: Gorgeous lamp by Lindsey Adelman and one I could conceivably make at home.

Photo 5: There is a serious shortage of bowls, baking dishes, and serving plates in my house. I think starting a collection of classic Pyrex sounds like a good idea. Readily available all over Etsy for very good prices.

photo 6: Charming ‘In Good Company’ Marimekko teapot.

photo 7: Retro fondue setbread box, and Helix water pitcher from Jonathan Adler.

photo 8: Simple plate hangers so Mrs. Rasmussen and all those souvenir plates I find at Pickle Thrift can have a proper home.


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