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Deborah Luster‘s photographic series ‘Tooth for an Eye’ captures a dark side of the city of New Orleans with a firm clear gaze. All of the locations are sites of homicides and the street corners and empty lots seem to hold themselves motionless for their portraits like a sitter in an old daguerreotype. Her shots are devoid of people which serves to highlight the loss of life that occurred and gives a sense of stage sets missing their actors. Additional photographs can be found through The New Yorker website and a book has been published by Twin Palms Publishers.

Tooth for an Eye, Ledger 01-16
Location. 700 block of Burgundy Street (French Quarter)
Date(s). September 1978
Name(s). John M. Workman (34)
Notes. Stabbing

Tooth for an Eye, Ledger 05-11
Location. 1500 Alabo Street (L9)
Date(s). January 17, 2004
Name(s). Donald James (64)
Date(s). October 13, 1994
Name(s). Kim Marie Groves (32)
Notes. Gunshot to head. N.O.P.D. Officer Len Davis ordered Paul “Cool”
Hardy, a drug dealer, to murder Grimes in retaliation for her filing a complaint
of brutality against Davis and his partner.

One Response to “Photo of the Day”
  1. Pops says:

    Very nice. Its worth it to surf down to the NPR feature on Deborah and her friend C D the poet.

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