Mary Meyer – West Pop!

Every other day I seem to get an email from a designer I love notifying me that they are doing a pop up shop… in Brooklyn, or L.A., or Toronto.  So tonight I am very happy that Oakland is getting some pop up love from Brooklyn based Mary Meyer. And by Oakland I  mean 4 blocks from TOA; sweet!

A little bit about MMC, from her website, “As a clothing designer she’s is known for wearable silouettes made of jersey and accented by her prints. Her prints are inspired by, to name a few: African textiles, Japanese dye techniques, quilts, pop art, the beach, wheat pasted punk flyers 90’s goth culture and 80’s graphic tees. ” Sounds good to me. Her website is also a source for the fantastic Cook and Gates bags I’ve been wanting ever since U-Gene rocked one on his last visit back West. Sorry for the short notice but if you’ve got nothing planned after work shake off those Monday blues and join M.C.M. and me at West Pop!

2 Responses to “Mary Meyer – West Pop!”
  1. eugene says:

    Say hello to Mary.
    My roommate does all her printing and I’ve sewn a few samples for her.

    • I know, that’s how I got on the Mary Meyer mailing list. Next time you’ll have to come out because when MCM and I got to the address it was a private house and there was no sign and we felt like we were crashing a party instead of going shopping so we just went for coffee instead. But I really want a tank top dress…

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