Window Seat Wednesday

Hello Window Seaters! I broke with my double format this week and just threw awesome stuff up, hope you enjoy!

Fort Lauderdale. Today was the last day that one set of my folks, the Florida Folks, were in town so more beachy posts were in order.

The Tenerife coastline. This shot reminded me very much of one that I have been seeing on the art site 20×200 by  Christian Chaize. There are currently eight different photographs available  of the same small bit of beach in Portugal, shot at different times of year. Sooner or later I’ll get one of these, I’m already finding the site to be rather addictive.

I had dinner the other night with JB and her BF who is Iranian. He recounted some of the things that had happened to him growing up during the revolution and his circuitous route to living in the states. So I started looking for a few good photos for Window Seat. I swear I had to restrain myself from using all ten slots on just Tehran – there were too many good photos! I promise I’ll share all of them eventually.

Cats in a bowl in Morocco. This is quiet easily my favorite Window Seat post ever.

I’ll end on a little hula dancing. In the dance hand positions and movements are used to represent words to help illustrate the story being sung or chanted (Indian dance also uses very specific coded hand symbols.) I think this one might mean passion.

One Response to “Window Seat Wednesday”
  1. love these pictures, great taste girl!

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