Window Seat Wednesday

Happy Window Seat Wednesday! For today there were a few key images I had in my head that I went searching for.

MCM and I are officially obsessed with the Hindu festival of Holi. It is a spring holiday celebrated all over the world with it’s most visible ritual being the throwing of colored powders and waters (the toxicity of which is becoming a concern), but in some areas women also chase after men, beating at them with sticks!

MCM is soon to be leaving the bay for her month long European tour with a stop in Barcelona. I love the swirling mosaics of Gaudi’s Le Pedrara and their counterpart in the skirts of a flamenco dancer.

La Strada, a road in Ciampino, Italy; I’m always influenced by the movies (my favorite Fellini though is 8 1/2…”Saraghina!”)

NG Alex and I have been giving MCM lists of things to do in Paris (and helpful phrases) and of course food is key. As I said I was on the hunt for several key images – the flamenco dancer, the women of Holi, and the Mona Lisa. Or more specifically the true experience of seeing the Mona Lisa in person, which often, through the massive throngs of people in the Louvre, actually means not seeing the Mona Lisa. I find this photo to be very accurate of my own experience with the lady.


One Response to “Window Seat Wednesday”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Ah…Saraghina!! 8 1/2!! My favorite Fellini.

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