Photo of the Day

Shizenkan series by Emily Shur. I would be more than happy to hang prints of any of these photographs in TOA (I missed my chance on ‘Rikugien Garden, Tokyo‘); nicely ‘Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo’ (the last photo pictured) is available from 20×200 and will benefit relief efforts in Japan.

From the artist:

Shizenkan is a Japanese word that translates to “one’s own perspective on nature”.

I have photographed in Japan since my first visit in 2004. These images illustrate my self-discovery as a photographer and are a celebration of introspection. Over time, I’ve found myself focusing on small and subtle moments and have come to view said moments as symbols of morality in Japanese culture. I identify deeply with the level of respect that nature commands there, as well as the mesmerizing attention to detail prevalent within Japanese life. This honoring of the natural world is indicative of a certain way of thinking; a collective consciousness that goes beyond simply caring for plants or animals or taking pride in one’s work.


2 Responses to “Photo of the Day”
  1. eugene says:

    Oh my god! The Pool with the astro turf is brilliant!

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  1. […] for awhile. I’ve had my eye on pieces from Beth Dow, Emily Shur (who you may remember from a Photo of the Day post), and Christian Chaize. Next week they will be having a show – the 20×200 Bay […]

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