Window Seat Wednesday

This week Window Seat Wednesday was again dictated very much by texture and color (one of my favorites, terra cotta, makes an African appearance.)  Also this week, from now on posters are receiving credit for their days, so you can see who is behind the choices. Note to Muffy n’ Babs, you better get supporting Wednesdays!


Lerai Forest in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania and well-dressed woman in Mauritania.

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia; the reddish colors of it’s waters are caused by sediments and pigmentation of certain algae. Those are flamingos camouflaged in the shallow waters.

Woman from Tanzania.

Mano de Desierto by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal made out of iron and cement, and standing 11 metres (36 ft) tall.

View from one of Bologna’s many towers (the town at one point may have had as many as 100 towers.)

Two women of Kyoto, Japan.

Of course Japan is always very much on my mind but especially so now. There has been so much upheaval (good and bad) in the world these past few months I hope that showing the people and culture of these places, like Japan and Egypt and New Zealand, the beauty of these places – a few quiet simple moments – can combat the overwhelming nature of news headlines and before-and-after photos and help celebrate those places we are from, we have been, and have always dreamed of seeing. My thoughts are with all those struggling over in Japan and their friends and family all over the world. 平和.


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