Window Seat Wednesday

Okay, so Window Seat Wednesday is a little late today. Used to be I had Wednesdays off and so had plenty of time over my morning coffee to fill you in on my work-y/travel-y goings on, but not anymore. So now it has to wait until after work, after dinner, after Tumblr stops being persnickety, and after being distracted by all the other stuff online like this. But good news, MCM has joined our Window Seat crew and is now manning Fridays. As the boss said, “T.G.I.M.”

Cambodia and the Wats are right up there with Vietnam in the must see category.

For those of you stuck in a blizzard I though a quick stop in Greece might do the trick. Blue ocean, blue sky, giant gyros. Yum. I love the texture of the bottom photo more than anything else, you really get a sense of how dense it must be.

Desert architecture in Las Vegas and the ‘Biggest Little City in the World.’ OE neighbor a.c.e. did some time in Reno and of course the classic ‘The Misfits’ was set there. That’s enough to recommend it for me.

Thursday is the day we we put up submissions from followers and and I have to say it’s a bit like high school all over again, we have the same three people constantly “raising their hands” so to speak. So if you have any great travel photos just languishing on your hard drives help us out and submit them! It easy and you don’t have to be part of Tumblr to do it.

One Response to “Window Seat Wednesday”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Yes, really like the Greek “density” photo. Modern architure juxtaposed with the ancient ruins. Nice!

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