Window Seat Wednesday

Window Seat Wednesday

One of my guilty pleasures this past December, while working on all my crafty gifts, was to watch (so) bad (it’s good) British television online. I have developed a real fondness for Molly, Golly, Lexie, Donald, and Duncan from, ahem, Monarch of the Glen. So this is a little Glasgovian tribute to them (only one more season to go.) I also love the reflection of old Glasgow in a very modern building.

Japan, again. The very busy Ginza district; wong. caught this image of a salaryman relaxing after lunch. It’s interesting which images get the most responses, this Ginza intersection was chosen to give the salaryman photo context and was not a particular favorite but it became the most popular of the day (over 100 likes and reblogs!)

Rainbow building in Bangkok. I thought this picture paired very well with benikon2k‘s photo from Croatia. Nicely, he thought so too.


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