Window Seat Wednesday

Welcome back to Window Seat Wednesday! Maybe if I have a slightly more structured posting schedule I won’t be so remiss in my blog upkeep so let’s try to make this a regular feature (if you approve!)

One of my favorite daily blog reads is bigBANG Studio; artist Lily Stockman and her husband are currently spending a year in India. Her photos are always stunning and I think some nice spicy stuffed chapati sounds like the perfect thing on a cold rainy day.

One of my holiday traditions is to set aside some time to watch Doctor Zhivago.  A wonderful story that has many of my favorite things – fur caps and mufflers, sleighs and snow, and young women beset by no-good older men. Wintery Red Square seemed just the place to capture all that.

More sculpture than actual shop, Prada Marfa by Berlin artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset outside of Marfa, Texas. If I could have worked in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure somehow I would have – contemporary art will have to do.

It’s persimmon season and they are traditionally ripened by hanging outdoors. I recently found a nice Japanese travel/culture blog to dream over and explore; I love all things Japanese and a trip to that country absolutely tops my list of places to go. Etsuko too!

The Orly Airport in France, because I agree with Julia that Paris is one of the best places in the world. There was a nice girl who came into the shop this past week and said she was flying out to Paris Christmas Eve and coming back New Years Eve. That sounds really, really nice. Sigh.

I posted this because while these French Stewardesses are doing a decent job looking good in their knit uniforms I think MCM and I could do even better. Just sayin’.

One Response to “Window Seat Wednesday”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Nice selection of photos. Having postponed my trip West, I, too, am wishing I were flying out to somewhere exotic about now. But no place with snow! Not even flurries! Not one flake!

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