Dia de los Muertos

So another showing at Victorian Rat has come and gone, along with the month of October. Dia de los Muertos featured some old OE favorites as well as some new loves. I have been a fan of Randy Noborikawa and his lenticular paintings (check out the security cameras at the bottom of the page, a bit of  TOA might be recognizable) for a while and he had several pieces up for this show. The crowd favorite seemed easily to the collaboration, ‘Lugo Muerto’, between Randy and Victorian Rat co-founder David Seiler. Familiar motifs highlighted by a variable neon light show done on a grand scale – it was hard not to like. There are rumors of more collaborations from these two complimentary artists to come in the future. Can’t wait!

My new favorite artist is Deja Garcia. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about her, I couldn’t find anything on the internet and the gallery doesn’t have anything up on their site or in house either. But she has taken plastic religious icons and with exquisite care transformed them with a little paint and black glitter. It’s as if she pushed through the wall of tacky and cheaply mass produced  to reconnect with the thoughtful and the devotional that these objects were originally supposed to invoke. I was on the verge of jealousy when my favorite piece from Deja sold right off the bat but after chatting a bit with the new owner Dana my envy was somewhat assuaged when I learned she was the owner of Piedmont boutique Cougarhorse. She runs a nice little shop and is an excellent seamstress; Randy and David were both wearing shirts she had made and the tailoring was impeccable. And then there was my favorite favorite. Not much need be said of the talent of Anthony Chase, he’s brilliant;  his piece for this show was a bit of a departure from his usual colors and themes (while still playing with the ideas of family and time and memory) but came out stunning none the less.

One Response to “Dia de los Muertos”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Great show! I would love to have seen it (you know my love for Frida). Thanks for a beautiful bunch of photos!

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