Heath at Home

Back when Pops and J were in town we took a nice little day trip up to Marin and spent the morning in Sausalito. My primary goal was a visit to the Heath Ceramics shop to check out what deals could be had from their seconds and samples. Unfortunately the tours are only given on weekends, but that just gives us another reason to go back, right? The shop was full of gorgeous home items beyond their own ceramics, fabulous one of a kind tiles lined much of the walls, and the staff was very pleasant and helpful. Firsts were to be had but my budget called for the slightly imperfect seconds, although I was often hard pressed to see where the faults may have been. Even among the super marked down clearance section were some great finds.

The pitcher was the one item I was on the hunt for and was a bit of a splurge compared to the other items I brought home, but it was exactly what I was hoping to find. The small matching plate underneath came from the rock bottom clearance table and was $6.00, so that evens things out, right? The olive bulb vase was also acquired at a deep discount.

The bud vases are both limited edition, the last of the special orange to be had on the left and drift on the right. I couldn’t decide on a color, so, got both.

As those close to TOA know I am hard pressed to pass up anything in the tray category. I found this lovely two-toned glazed tray, cream on the top and grey on the bottom, with just a smattering of bubbles in the glaze of one corner. I know the good folks at Heath take quality very seriously but I almost prefer the slight imperfection; it makes it my tray. And for $10.00 it just could not be passed up. I walked out having spent a fair amount of money, especially since you can’t call any of these purchases necessities, but the cost was more than half of what it would have been buying full price online. And yes, the glazes really are that luminous. If you’re in the Bay Area and looking for some beautiful ceramics for your home, but haven’t yet settled on one particular style or color, check out the factory store – there are really wonderful pieces to be had for those on a budget.


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